Standard Relocation Services

Preview Visits and Home Search

Relocating domestically is always a challenge; moving to a new country even more so. The experts at Metrica Relocations+ will do all they can to make the move easier. Before relocating, Metrica will conduct a 'needs analysis' with the client, to identify a suitable new home. If requested, Metrica will also arrange for a preview visit, familiarizing the client with their new host country. A preview visit can include the city, possible neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, health care providers, shopping, even where to find the best manicurist - all delivered with 15 years of experience.

Metrica will use the needs analysis to search out an appropriate apartment or single family residence. Once a home in the host country has been selected by the client, Metrica will act as go-between in the contract negotiations, threading the tricky maze of legal procedures and language differences. In all things, Metrica will work in the best interests of the client.

Metrica can also assist in hooking up utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, telephone, etc. Our experts will help with the initial walk-through and inspection, and the lease will be managed by the Metrica partner firm (as described under Tenancy Management).

City Orientation

One way to feel at home in a new country is to know the city you live in. Metrica Relocations+ provides personalized tours to clients to help them feel at home in their new city. The tour can cover such things as where to shop, where to eat, currency information, public transportation, and leisure activities. Each tour is geared to the specific host country and city, as well as to client needs.

School Search

School is an important part of a child's life. All parents want just the right school for their children, to help them succeed in life. Metrica Relocations+ will assist in the search for a school, helping the client find the school that best fits their child's or children's needs.

Settling In

Living in a new country can be quite a challenge. Not only can the language be challenging, but customs and processes at the host location are also frequently different. Everything from feeding the family to finding health care can be a challenge. Metrica Relocations+ provides assistance in sorting out the everyday processes of living. Metrica provides assistance in learning everything from grocery shopping to local customs to legal questions.

Tenancy Management

All issues that arise during the lease period are handled by the Metrica Relocations+ host country resources. After arranging for the original lease, our local firms will arrange for lease renewal as needed, carry out renovations and maintain the residences, and serve as the channel through which all housing services can be arranged. Metrica's local firm can also assist in purchasing furniture or negotiating furnishing as part of the overall lease agreement. All legal housing issues will be handled by Metrica and our local firm.

International Move Management


Metrica Relocations+ arranges for door-to-door shipment of household goods to and from the host country. Along with the actual packing, shipping, and unpacking, Metrica also provides an initial discussion with the client concerning the shipping process, including a pre-pack survey of the shipment and a pre-pack weight estimate. Metrica will also provide timely updates of shipment status.


Navigating the maze of Customs can be daunting. Metrica's partner firm will lead the way, helping clients get their household goods and personal effects through Customs in a timely manner.

Immigration Compliance

Immigration laws very from country to country, and can even change without notice. Metrica Relocations+ works with our clients to get through the processes as quickly and easily as possible. Metrica's host country resources can overcome the language barriers and differences in customs to cut through the red tape. They will also keep clients advised of any relevant changes in immigration law that may need to be addressed by the client, and will work with the client to address such changes.