Metrica Services

Reliable, Responsive, and Highly Recommended.

We deliver a comprehensive menu of global relocation and expatriate support services including:

Expatriate Support Services

• Pre-Assignment Consultations
• Host Country Preview Visits and Home Search Tours
• City Orientation and Acclimation
• School Search and Placement
• Tenancy Management
• Move/Removal Management and Logistics
• Visa and Immigration Compliance and Process Management
• Settling-In services before and throughout the Assignment
• International Mail Management
• Expat Security Services and Assessments
  o Residential
  o Commercial
  o Personal
• Departure and Repatriation Services

Client Support Services

• Assignment Cost Estimates and Budgets
• Corporate Procurement Services
• Commercial office space/Office Equipment and Servicing
• Outsourced Back-office Support Services
• Medical/health Support and Coordination
• Global Conference, Event and Meeting Management
• Personnel Support Services
• Recruitment and payroll management
• Translation and Interpretation Services
• Pre-arrival preparation, vaccinations and medications
• Availability and standards assessment of local health care providers
• Evacuation Policy Management