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Relocation Plus Services Procurement - Commercial Real Estate

Metrica has capability and experience in the field of corporate real estate services in each of the following categories:

Market Research
MR+ is capable and experienced in creating a Market Intelligence Report (MIR) for any coverage locations. The MIR captures locally sourced information on commercial real estate market trends and tendencies to create a usable overview of the requested market. These reports also assist by providing reputable contacts across a number of commercial real estate fields such as real estate law firms and real estate agencies. MR+ excels in its coverage of non-traditional locations and therefore can provide analysis in challenging locations. MR+ has created commercial MIRs in over 50 locations and similar market analysis reports covering locations in every region around the world.

Property Search
The property search is a key stage in the process and is driven by the Client's requirements. After confirming size, location, and security standards, MR+ uses multiple real estate agents in the location to maximize the list of potential properties, as well as verifying price listings. The amount of the properties that pass the initial search and review can vary by location, but at least 10-15 properties for the initial listing is the goal. As potential properties are sourced, local MR+ consultants will pre-visit the properties and conduct an initial evaluation. At this point, the consultants can refer to the agreed upon requirements and standards of the Client in order to confirm the listing is still a viable option when seen in person. Over the years, MR+ has conducted numerous property searches and in that time has acquired the tendencies and attraction points for its clients. MR+ holds these standards and requirements, especially for safety and security, to the highest degree.

Commercial Real Estate Location Analysis
Metrica Relocations+ is capable of creating real estate location analysis in all coverage locations. The analysis is included in the MIR and uses local knowledge from our consultants. The location of commercial space is an important aspect to a client and is driven by the business sector the Client is associated with as well as the security standards. A search is generally focused on the financial district of a given location. Some factors that drive that search is location in relation to the Central Bank of that country, the Ministry of Finance, other multi-national organizations.

Negotiation Process
Metrica Relocations+ MR+ has a vast experience in negotiating property lease terms and conditions in all areas of the world. By using MR+'s network of local consultants, MR+ is able to go beneath the surface level of the real estate market that foreign companies are normally restricted to. By building and maintaining the relationships made between our local teams and the relevant property owners/managers, MR+ gain a valuable position within the local market. Often times, MR+ has already dealt with a particular building management on behalf of another Client and can use that that history and experience in its current negotiation strategy.

Local Legal Review
In any case in which it is required, MR+ can coordinate with locally engaged local legal counsel, third-party vendors, and service providers to establish temporary service contracts or service agreements/proformas that are written to be as protective as possible of MR+ operating on behalf of the Client, most conducive to the Clients' needs, and legally enforceable. Managing these services through an MR+ In-Country Representative - an individual or business registered in that country - optimizes our chances of enforcing the terms of the agreed-upon goods/services or raising a dispute in cases of breach. In a worst-case scenario, MR+ may leverage results from third-party vendors by warning of a negative evaluation/report placing them on the Embassy "black-list", jeopardizing their future business/clientele.

Commercial Office Fit-out Project Management
Project Management and Administration is conducted in accordance with the Work Flow Chart depicted on the next page. Directly following that page is a graphic that depicts the tools MR+ uses to manage commercial projects. MR+ uses commercial space requirements as the guideline for selection. We also provide:
  • Project Management Services (planning and design; construction/fit-out management, project administration; specification, procurement and installation management of furniture, fixtures and equipment; identification of local vendors);
  • Office relocation services;
  • Receiving, storage, and installation management support.

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