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Relocation Plus Services Medical/Health Information

You're sick and you're in a foreign country: what do you do? Metrica Relocations+ provides information on local hospitals, doctors, and MedEvacs. Clients will be provided with an assessment of the different services available in their host country. The company also provides information on possible health problems, such as water quality or bird flu.

In fact, Metrica's assistance begins before the client even arrives in the host country. Metrica will work with each client and family, as necessary, to ensure that the proper vaccinations and medications are obtained before relocation. This oversight will continue as necessary once the client has reached the host country.

In these uncertain times, it's good to have someone to turn to in case of emergencies. As an added service, Metrica Relocations+ provides a central contact point for evacuations, in case of natural or other disasters.

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